Bug #29307

AI hull gunners not firing

Added by somicsam over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Close Reason:BIS / Engine problem I am using some Mods:No
Affected Version: I am using:CO (OA+A2)
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If player is in charge of a tank crew and present inside the tank then the tank's hull MG gunners will never fire at infantry, even if the target is within gunner's sight and he is given the order to fire. The gunner fires fine if player leaves the tank.


Updated by Hannibal78 over 5 years ago

i can confirm this
the bug was already present in the older versions

Updated by PacUK over 5 years ago

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Hull gunners not firing is an issue with ArmA2 rather than the mod as far as I know and has been addressed in some of the more recent beta patches, as far as I know there is not much we can do on our side.

Updated by Hannibal78 over 5 years ago

you have this issue if the player the commander of the ai tank crew
if you are the commander of the ai crew then they will not fire at enemy or you get out of the tank
and suddenly they shoot from all barrels
as suddenly as they started they stop it suddenly if you get again in the tank

this issue have you only with i44 tanks if you try to reproduce this issue with i44 mod and a vanilla t72
then you will see the ai crew engange the enemy (even though you're the commander)


btw i've tested it with and without the newest beta patch (Build_90242)

Updated by Hannibal78 over 5 years ago

i have previously tested several variations

vanilla m1a2 tusk with i44 crew no problem same with vanilla ai crew
i44 tank with i44 crew or vanilla crew they don't fire

that leaves only one possibility that the ai has only problems with i44 tanks

Updated by somicsam over 5 years ago

Just to clear things up: the turret gunners fire fine provided they are given a specific target, but the hull gunners never fire under any circumstances. I tested it using the default Arma 2 T34 and BMP-3 (both vehicles have hull gunners) and they fired perfectly, so its not an issue with Arma 2 but specifically with I44 tanks as Hannibal suggested.

Updated by magnus28 over 5 years ago

pac, I just noticed this bug report.

I updated my original bug report with some additional information:

I confirm what the other 2 have stated.

Can you close this bug ticket, as It is identical to the one that I have started previously.

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