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artillery sounds

Added by magnus28 over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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when artillery is going off there is this high pitched ' super mario sound ' that sounds like synthesized rain drops for lack of a better analogy.


Updated by Macolik over 5 years ago

Unless you mean something else, that's actually a sound mortar rounds make when falling down on top of you...

Updated by HomerJohnston over 5 years ago

Partially an effect enhanced-by-hollywood, partially a real occurrence, partially a game-engine limitation. From my understanding, the "incoming" sounds should be a little more short/subtle but we don't have enough control over how Arma makes the sound to tweak it much...

Please clarify if you mean the sound of mortar rounds in the air; if so we'll be able to close this as not-a-bug. thanks!

Updated by magnus28 over 5 years ago

no, it's the sound of artillery firing... not incoming rounds. if you have like 10 of them set up (which i normally do) this sound of whistling sounds distorted

Updated by HomerJohnston over 5 years ago

Sounds like it may then be a limitation with the game's sound engine... Need more info:

1) Which weapon are you actually firing?
2) Does it work ok with just one shooting? two? five? Games do badly with playing exactly equal sounds at the same time, they tend to interfere in ways that subtly different sounds in the real world don't...

If you have the ability, a quick youtube video showing the effect would be the best thing.

Updated by Macolik over 5 years ago

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