Bug #29115

'Bayonet Charge' mode

Added by abu over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Target version:2.62
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When Pressing 'Shift'+'2' engages 'Bayonet Charge' mode,will not be able to use grenades and pistols。


Updated by abu over 5 years ago

Bazooka and RPzB54 can't reload

Updated by Macolik over 5 years ago

what do you mean? Is it kicking you out of the Bayonet charge mode when you switch weapons?

Updated by abu over 5 years ago

No, when I changed the pistol or grenade can't fire and reload.
launcher can fire but can't reload.
When Pressing 'Shift'+'2' ,The problem will continue to maintain unless repawn.

Updated by HomerJohnston over 5 years ago

If you use shift+1 to exit charge mode, do you still have issues? Or does the issue only occur if you press shift+2, then switch to another weapon?

Updated by abu over 5 years ago

Yes, the issues still exists.
Only Successfully engages 'Bayonet Charge' mode will occur ,instead of Pressing 'Shift'+'2' (if No bayonet ).
@CBA 177 or 175 are the same.

Updated by HomerJohnston over 5 years ago

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1) attach bayonet
2) press shift+2
3) press shift+1
4) press "v" to switch to grenades
5) observe stated issues (can't throw grenades, etc). hand appears to glitch back & forth on gun a little bit, too. something weird.

Updated by Macolik about 5 years ago

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