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Locked vehicles can be towed with Tow Ropes

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Self-explanatory. Vehicles that are locked by mission makers in order to prevent them from being driven by players, such as repair vehicles, can be hitched to the back of another vehicle and towed away from their position. Can be seen as a exploit in missions.


Updated by rocko over 5 years ago

Wheres the bug?
If you lock you car, repo can still come and get it.

Updated by Blackpython over 5 years ago

But when trying to prevent players from moving certain vehicles, like maintenance vehicles, players can just work around that by using the tow ropes. Currently there is no way to prevent players from doing so.

Updated by ScarecrowisNOTamused. over 5 years ago

umm... for once im with rocko, this is one of those times where its a feature not a bug, its a rope, there are towing points on vehicals IRL incase you didn't notice.

if you have a problem with it in game either instruct people not to use them or remove them from boxes/vehicals and if you're using vehicals for road blocks and you really don't want them removed use wrecks insted or destroy them when the mission starts

Updated by BlackHawk over 5 years ago

You can prevent it by making simple trigger detecting if vehicle got moved from it's positon, then attaching it to invisible object (to detach it from the rope) and setposing it at default position. I made one like that myself and it worked like charm.

Updated by rocko over 5 years ago

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