Bug #29050

Frozen AI gunners in fixed wing aircraft turrets

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Category:AI Issues
Target version:1.63 BETA
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As per;
Multiple turrets now work on aircraft, don't know when it happen. (YA! Thanks!)
Jump in any turret as a player and it works fine.
EXCEPT, A.I. appear to be incapable of swinging the same turrets to engage target.
They will not rotate the turret to a target. They will move their heads.
The AI manned turret will rotate ONLY due to Axis Stability control as aircraft moves.
They will fire, but only if a target moves across their static tunnel vision/in front of the gun.

Same problem can been seen with BIS UAV turrets.

Above BIS forum thread has a link to test addon (multi-turret plane) plus a demo mission.



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Updated by Gnat about 5 years ago

Given that Iron Front has a turreted aircraft (PE2 that has the same problem), I'd guess BIS would be working on a fix.

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