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Error at startup

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Whenever I launch my game with I44 enabled I get this error:

Addon 'I44_base_effects' requires addon 'CA_Missions_BAF_Templates_SecOps'

I can still play game normally, but sometimes I get scipterror during explosions.

File I44_base_effects\scripts\dust_singleStream.sqf, line 30
Error in expression < [2/_pLife, 0],0.2, 0.1, "", "", ""];drop _array;_acc = [[0, 0, -10], [_vel,>
Error position: <drop _array;_acc = [[0, 0, -10], [_vel,>
Error Typ Dowolne, potrzebny Pole
(Error Type Anything, neded Pool)

I own both OA DLCs. Game is patched to 1.60. CBA enabled, tried to run game from exe and armalauncher.
Can someone tell me what pbo I'm missing? It isn't big deal for me, I can still play, but it's quite annoying when that error pops up whenever I launch my game.


Updated by PacUK over 5 years ago

"I own both OA DLCs. Game is patched to 1.60."

-Did you install I44 over a pre-existing copy (e.g. 2.0, 2.5)?
-You are using ArmA2 Combined Operations (ArmA2 + OA)?
-Try re-patching 1.60
-Try latest beta http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php

It sounds like an issue with your A2 install rather than the mod as its a BAF file that seems to be 'missing'.

Updated by BlackHawk over 5 years ago

Problem was caused by DLCs installed AFTER patching the game. Can mark it as resolved. Thanks for help!

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Thanks for telling us your solution, too :)

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