Bug #28903

ToH beta 1.03.89707 - Analog collective controls non-functional most of the time

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Target version:1.04.90137
Difficulty:Expert Reproducible for you:Yes
Reproduced by another DH user:No First affected build:1.03.89707
CPU: Affected TOH version:1.04 BETA
I am using some Mods:No First affected TOH version:1.04 BETA
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Using ToH beta 1.03.89707, on expert with kb/mouse, challenges using medium heli are mostly unplayable as analog collective controls (raise and lower) are either completely inoperable, or become inoperable during challenge. Pressing assigned keys has no effect, and only Q/Z digital collective controls are useable. Only way to get keys to work (intermittently) again is to quit and restart game.

I played Emergency Response challenge twice (different random missions each time), and analog controls either didn't work at all, or worked at start but then failed after several minutes (when a landing was required).

This issue could be related to recent change, although I was playing in SP only:

MP: collective would sometimes be set to hardware position without active input

Side note (probably deserves another ticket): when trying to land without analog collective controls, the medium heli went into an uncontrollable clockwise spin and quickly became damaged, ending mission. Pedal controls will not stop spin. This is related to 1.04 FM, and has been reported in beta forums.


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Just to make sure:
you've mapped analogue throttle controls to keyboard/mouse?

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collective raise (analog): Left Shift
collective lower (analog): Left Windows

I've used that setup since ToH community previews.

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I think this issue has been fixed in beta 1.04.89942.

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