Bug #28898

Rapify files with PreProcessor (with macro) generate Lint error

Added by test over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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I try create PBO with rapify of description.ext, that have macro.

Example class in my description.ext:

#define GVAR(var) lo_##var
class Params {
    class GVAR(MyVarWithPre) { -this line will generate Lint Error (type: Expected class name)
        title = "aaaaaa";
        values[] = {1,2,3};
        default = 1;
        texts[] = {"lo","lo","lo"};


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above syntax is absolutely standard fare. there are no rapify errors or lintchecks with above

must be a typo elsewhere in the code and rapify at-the-least will give you a line# where it's disgusted with something

tested on last 3 series of dll releases. all=ok

Updated by mikero over 5 years ago

description.ext CANNOT be binarised (rapified) it can be Lintchecked.

when making a pbo via MakePbo.exe this is automitally done.

there is btw, no reason to prebinarise any file prior to using MakePbo. All is taken care of, automatically.

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