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New Scripting Command: setObjectMaterial

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It would be really help that in addition to being able to change textures with setObjectTexture we also would be able to set the material for hidden selections. This would allow a number of interesting things to be done in the game.

Therefore I would like to request that a command such as setObjectMaterial be added to the engine with the same parameter setup as setObjectTexture.

Thank you!


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Updated by kju over 5 years ago

How about giving some examples for the "interesting things"?

Updated by Nou over 5 years ago

Adding transparencies to existing models is the main thing. Currently if you try to add a transparent CO texture to a model the other maps (SMDI, Normal, etc) show up as black in the transparent area with their details still showing.

For example I am working on a massive wounding system, where there is the possibility of losing limbs and I need to be able to make parts of extremities transparent to facilitate that. I can set a transparent CO texture for those parts but the detail maps still show up, but as matteblack.

See example: http://raceriv.com/arma2/wound_material_problem.jpg

Being able to set custom RVMAT for those hidden selections would make it work.

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