Feature #2885

Make your side bluFor always.

Added by Dr_Eyeball almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

Status:New Start date:07/18/2009
Priority:High Due date:
Assignee:Dr_Eyeball % Done:


Target version:v2.0 Estimated time:8.00 hours


The concept of 'Blue versus Red' will be scrapped.
From your client's point of view, show your side's markers as blue always (and opposition as red).

West team will be Team A.
East team will be Team B.
But your team will always show as BluFor and opposition team will always show as OpFor, on your client.

On scoreboard, show team names as: BluFor (A/B), OpFor (B/A).
Show your side on left side always.

  • AAS2 marker ownership determination - critical factor here.
  • deployed markers
  • spotting markers
  • zone markers
  • scoreboard


Updated by kju almost 8 years ago

Sounds good

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