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CRV7-PG rockets guidance (trajectory) bugged (AH11 Wildcat)

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Apparently the CRV7-PG guidance has the same problem that previously happened with the Hellfire-K.

the rocket is unable to hit something under 1000m range. the rocket climb high in the sky and only dive after at least more than 1000m.

maybe the fix for sys-missileguidance applied to Hellfire-K should be also be used for CRV7-PG.

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Could you please try nailing that issue?

Updated by Nou about 3 years ago

I don't even know what the CRV7-PG is?

Updated by Huggy about 3 years ago

Nou wrote:

I don't even know what the CRV7-PG is?


To make it short, it is compareable with the DAGR system

Updated by cyrilator about 3 years ago

These kind of guided rockets (DAGR, CRV7 PG) use a very basic flight path, direct attack. it goes straight on the target.


accuracy is 1m diameter sized target at 3.5km

Updated by ScarecrowisNOTamused. almost 3 years ago

it seems its not just the trajectory thats derped either its the accuracy and the abilliy to lock on as well, earlier today i seemed to have issues hitting targets from diffrent ranges and heights in general in all manner of modes and 99% of the time they do nearly no damage due to thier horrably low accuracy on target combined with their low damage (equlivent to a hydra.) makes them near pointless.

Updated by Nou almost 3 years ago

Well its because they are using the Hellfire guidance, which is designed to take the Hellfires flight characteristics into concern and not these projectiles... :S So yea, needs new guidance or the configs need to be changed to match the Hellfire (but thats not the right way, since they don't even fly like the 114s).

Updated by cyrilator almost 3 years ago

CRV7-PG and DAGR use direct attack trajectory (the rockets fly close to the laser beam). concretely it should be closer to a TOW trajectory than a Hellfire.

Updated by Nou almost 3 years ago

No, neither of those are laser guided. The laser guidance is a big chunk of the code. :) Its not going to be a really hard system to write, I just need to find the time to do it. :)

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Rocko says: Status Nou?

Updated by Nou almost 3 years ago

Will try and work out some direct attack laser code this week.

Updated by ScarecrowisNOTamused. over 2 years ago

Interesting... if you're around 1.5-2km off target on a fairly low angle you almost always hit the target which results in destruction of a T-72/T-90 in a single shot (Makes sence according to reports of the missles KE)

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