Bug #28693

Adding flares to UH1Y is impossible

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- Open mission's editor on any map.

- Place a UH1Y (arma2 unit) on the map.

- Use the following initialization:
this addMagazine "60Rnd_CMFlareMagazine";
this addweapon "CMFlareLauncher";


When in game the helicopter seems not to have flares.


It should be possible to add flares to the UH1Y like any other air vehicle.

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related to Arma 2: Community Configuration Project - Bug #63277: The MV22 and UH1Y are lacking flare countermeasures Closed 11/05/2012
duplicates ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Feature #2962: Add scripting command: addWeaponTurret and removeWeaponTu... Assigned 07/22/2009


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The problem is that pilot isn't UH-1Y's gunner. Thus, when you use the addWeapon and addMagazine commands, they are added to one of the gunners instead to pilot.

Updated by Qazdar over 5 years ago

Yes,but why is it working fine on apaches or kamovs and sukhoi 34 ? without "manual fire".

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Your problem is this #2962 and the different turret structure in the UH-1Y

vehicle player weaponsTurret [0]

You have it available at the "crew chief seat".

Updated by Qazdar over 5 years ago

then, it needs to be available from pilot's seat.

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