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AH11 Wildcat missile firing changes.

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the AH11 wildcat pilot is currently able to pilot and to shot missiles at the same time.

the missile firing should only be possible from gunner seat. the pilot could only use the fixed 20mm cannon.

the autolock (tablock/mouse2) missile guidance should be completely removed, only the laser designator should be used to guide missiles from gunner seat.


Updated by cyrilator over 5 years ago

the CRV7-PG guided rocket only use laser guidance. no such thing like autolock.

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The game does not support laser only guidance.
Except if you take manual guidance as the same.

Also what source do you have that the gunner has control over the rocket?

Updated by cyrilator over 5 years ago

Kju wrote :

Also what source do you have that the gunner has control over the rocket?

the gunner ....guns!

it would be weird if he would have the laser designator control but not the missile ignition. by having both control he can coordinate the laser aiming with the most opportune moment to launch the missile, exactly like for the gunners in Apache/cobra, wildcat gunner procedure isn't different.

The pilot just focuse on the piloting and the fixed 20mm canon.

Updated by kju over 5 years ago

We are to work within the limits possible.
To script enhanced behavior is no option for the core game at this point.

cyrilator your offtopic comments have to stop now please.
They do not help you nor us - only wasted time and causes confusion in the tickets.

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Basically this request is linked with this ticket :


CRV7-PG and Hellfire AGM-114K should both use laser guidance.

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