Bug #28659

Incoming supersonic missiles or aircrafts can be heard by players

Added by zGuba over 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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  1. Set up ATV or motorcycle against enemy vehicle equipped only with supersonic missile.
  2. Set up player observer near by.
  3. Watch the results.

Missile approaches the target without any sound.

Missile can be heard from a long distance, with unusually high pitch.

(Also one can notice that many supersonic missiles are moving too fast. For instance AT-9 reaches up to Mach 4 speed)

CIT_Incoming_SuperSonic.Desert_E.7z - Quick repro mission (1.3 kB) zGuba, 02/13/2012 17:56

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Updated by kotov over 5 years ago

do not waste your time on such tickets.They not disturb game-play.Faster than sound or slower doesn't really matter.Really matters that most missiles in arma now are faster than sound and most time you dying due to been hit by something unknown coming from in the middle of nowhere with no sound incoming or any visual effect which is negative impact on game play.

Back to ticket:
AT-9.It is ataka 9m120 missile.After browsing several web sites I found that speed of such missile vary up to 550 m/s and average speed 350-400ms (http://www.airwar.ru/weapon/aat/ataka.html)
Speed of sound is 331 m/s.Meaning average mean that sometime slower sometimes faster.Logically maximum speed at start slower at the end.So when 9m120 reaches target speed can be lower than speed of sound isnt it ?

Updated by zGuba about 5 years ago

Kotov, Mach 4 was roughly what M_AT9_AT was reaching in vanilla game. Please notice this ticket concerns general issue and AT-9 was only example of supersonic object.

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