Feature #28462

Support for analog steering wheel\joystick axis for ingame steering wheels and other relevant controls

Added by Mikhail over 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Now in Arma, if you turn your wheel controller or joystick far right very quickly, you see the ingame wheel turning at it's own slow speed not at all synchronized to your turn.
Turning wheel controller is the same as pressing A or D and thus is the wheel is useless and even uncomfortable to use.

When we fly planes - joysticks use nice analog response, so it's not completely a new technology for the game. We just need same analog controls for cars. But frankly speaking, analog controls should be available for all relevant axis (is some other are not analog too).

I hope you agree with me.

I thank developers in advance for this feature.

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Updated by zGuba over 5 years ago

A video showing current state of art in A2:OA (#13242)

Various settings involved, from default to most comfortable, which still are insufficient to provide desired effect.

Also available in: Atom PDF