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BTR-90 Konkurs 9M113 commander targeting and firing problem

Added by Fireball about 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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Yesterday, I quit a WarfareCRCTI mission out of frustration after I tried for many seconds to target that M1A2 Tusk for several times using Tab or right-click on target even and then trying to get the AI gunner to shoot after all!

- the first problem is, that the target lock you might have for another gun is just removed (or not visible) when you switch to Konkurs missiles
- when you hit tab, when a tank is marked red in "radar" (which is more an aid to the commander) then the target is not selected
- while the last one might be intended, after all, when you right-click on the target you mention the target as commander "Ziel M1A2" (or similar) and still not target square
- after you managed it even so far, you might be frustated when trying to get the AI shoot at all...you might end up saying "cease fire" because in the meantime AI a) maybe switched to PKT or AP weapons again (!) or b) it just says NEGATIVE for reasons unknown

I've attached a test mission. If you manage to shoot down the M1, you may keep it!

BTR-90_Konkurs.utes.pbo (2 kB) Fireball, 07/15/2009 06:12

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Updated by zGuba about 8 years ago

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Complex menu (target -> x, engage -> fire) could be helpful here... but of course it shouldn't be such difficult to find, since it's the most basic thing to do on a battlefield.

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I was told that this is possibly a intended "feature" since it's a dumbfire missile. Is that true?

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

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It's a wire-guided missile. Guess it's fine how it is; discover by eye, tell about target (by right-click) and fire.

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