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IR Chemlights

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Current infared chemlights do not work at all, currently, when thrown, the are a single white tube that do not glow and with NVG's do not glow at all and make them fairly useless, please fix, if they where implamenteed properly i guarentee they would be used as they help prevent friendly fire and shouldn't be spotted unless enemy units use NV.

How they should appear : http://warjunkies.net/ploggerb3/images/gears___equipments/military_strobe___lights/ir-c.jpg

1 green chemlight surrounded by IR chemlights http://i.imgur.com/lxSM8.jpg


Updated by rocko over 5 years ago

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If you find them useless, simply don't use them at all. They work according to the engine limitations.

Updated by Scarecrow398 over 5 years ago

im sorry but if you can add a tap to the shoulder why can you not just make a really low ambiant light? would you be happier if i started the issue with "when me an my friends where playing airsoft"? and it clearly isn't a engine limitation if it can be done in earlier engines.

Updated by Sickboy over 5 years ago

Feel free to provide the implementation as you'd like to see it, and we'll decide on if we wish to include it.

Updated by Scarecrow398 over 5 years ago

im sorry can you be more specific, do you just want a screenshot of a ambient light through nvg's? i've already provided refrence material of how it should look, we've already implamented this in a in-haus version ace which we have ripped apart and rebuilt fixing the current bugs and features that have been neglected, it was just recently on a public server that i thought maybe this would be a useful feature to the wider community.

I also would appreciate it if you atleast corroborate with each other before flat out rejecting bugs and or features.

Updated by Sickboy over 5 years ago

I am saying that if you want improvements / bug fixes to be included with ACE, and especially if you already have them and using them internally, feel free to share them so that we may include them. Especially considering http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/ACE_future_plans_and_ARMA_3

If bugs/issues are neglected, then they probably don't contain sufficient information or other reasons. Are they even reported? Perhaps refer them.

Rejecting this ticket was fine - Rocko does not want to spend more time on this, which is up to him.

So once again, if you'd like to see improvements; feel free to share the code, and we'll see about implementing it. http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Contribute

Lastly you might want to consider improving your attitude towards our team and all efforts/time we put in freely,
at least if you want to accomplish something positively.

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