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Ability for Javelin to lock and track static (or low speed) aerial targets.

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the FGM-148 Javelin has an IR-seeker and a direct mode attack which could technically allow to track helicopters moving at very slow speed or auto-stationary (as long as the missile seeker can follow IR signature and the msisile trajectory can adapt to the aerial target moves)

Can we introduce a lock-on and tracking capabiliies for Javelin when the target moves, let's say up to 30km/h. and let the lock-on and tracking probabilities decrease if the choppers accelerate.


Updated by cyrilator over 5 years ago

Currently an helicopter with engine turned on, on the ground, can be locked with Javelin. If the helicopter goes auto stationary at only 1 meter from the ground, the Javelin can't lock on it anymore, while the IR signature remain exactly the same, and where the missile agility could perfectly still hit it.

it's this limitation that I'm pointing out.

the current lock-on is artificially set to distinguish ground target from air target.

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You can lock on slow moving air targets already. It takes some skill because I needed to make it simple. Please try:

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wow ! i didn't realize it was already possible. it goes even further that what I expected (infantry lock-on)... :D

this topic can be closed. :))

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