Bug #28239

Optional replacement sounds for humvee & jackal?

Added by totalboffin over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Target version:JSRS 1.5


Any chance we could see a revised humvee and jackal sound series and set as optional?

The EXTERNAL Humvee and Jackal, Idle could do with being a little deeper to give it a more meaty engine note. (maybe to sound more like this http://www.hark.com/clips/zgndryyvbb-mi-hummer-idle-01-hpx)
The EXTERNAL engine off sound for both Humvee/Jackal could be improved, not sure why it over revs before going off. ( maybe should be more like this http://www.sounddogs.com/sound-effects/2226/mp3/513476_SOUNDDOGS__tr.mp3)
The EXTERNAL engine start sound for both Humvee/Jackal also sounds painful. a deeper start sound would be more pleasing to the ears (maybe sound more like http://www.sounddogs.com/previews/2226/mp3/513482_SOUNDDOGS__tr.mp3)


Updated by totalboffin over 5 years ago

Apologizes should have been a feature request not BUG.

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Humvee sounds are quite good already.

Updated by totalboffin over 5 years ago

Just asking if there is time, to look at a revised optional set. Just we use the humvee/jackal alot and so would like try another set of sounds ;-)

Updated by LordJarhead over 5 years ago

Still I was able and kind enough to add the Optional section in the mod, Im sure i will also try to rework vehicles in future releases! The Humvee start and off sounds and also the externals are a pain in the ass to me atm, so it should be possible I make it soon.

Updated by totalboffin over 5 years ago

Thanks LordJarHead. I can understand getting good quality samples must be a horrible task.

Will look forward to as and when you revisit the vehicle sounds.

I think the optional section is a GREAT idea ;-)

Updated by LordJarhead over 5 years ago

The Idle sound is good. If I'm able to rework the whole humvee I will implement it, not as an optional.

Updated by LordJarhead about 5 years ago

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Jackal is done so far, heading out for some Humvee sounds. Those are not optional stuff, so I going to close this ticket. All vehicles will be reworked for 1.5 anyways.


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