Bug #28219

BMD locality issue with reload sounds

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The BMD has out of scope locality with the reload sounds, causing hundreds of reload hundreds to accumulate and then play in order in missions with more than a handful of players.

Video of 70 player tvt at UO with this happening:


Check out the end of the video when I am closer to the BMDs to hear it obviously happening, although it happens all throughout the video.

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Link to part where it's clearly noticeable. You can hear this at lower volume at ranges up to 800 meters or so.

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BMD1 or 2?

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I don't see any special (custom / scripted) reload sounds for the BMD1.
Probably a BIS issue (In that case create a CIT ticket), perhaps issue in the beta: 1.60.87816. Try a newer one. Or perhaps try and old 1.59 beta to confirm.
Or perhaps related to the many other warnings and errors in the RPT file indicating config issues etc. Try reproducing it without other mods.

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I suggest following the CIT as it seems to be a BIS problem ATM.
The mentioned tickets describes mult. sounds played - per each player connected - for the reloadSound[] parameter , which is actually used by the weapon of the BMD1 in ACE but also for other vehicles (see below).

Surprisingly the range parameter is missing in the ACE config, but I doubt it has to do with the problem.

reloadSound[] = {"\ca\Sounds\weapons\cannon\gun120reload",1,1}

Instead of:

reloadSound[] = {"\ca\Sounds\weapons\cannon\gun120reload",1,1,20};

ATM this is the only sound that has the range-parameter missing in the config.

There are other vehicles that use weapons with that parameter:
- M119 (not the ACE Artillery piece)
- D30
- M1A1/M1A2

(Those vehicles should use the vanilla reloadSound, but have the range parameter)
If the reloading is also hearable for these vehicles then it seems pretty much like a BIS problem.

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FYI this is apparently getting fixed in the next arma2 beta. Win.

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