Bug #2821

Disable incoming rocket message for non planes.

Added by kju about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:07/14/2009
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Target version:beta v0.3 Estimated time:0.50 hour


Not sure whats realistic. Yet at best planes or choppers should have this.

I was in a Vodnik

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Updated by Dr_Eyeball about 8 years ago

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I've currently got incoming missile detection for any vehicle which could be electronics/sensor dependent/capable (eg: radar, displays, lasers, etc), which includes: jets, helicopters, MBT's, armour and all APC's.

It only detects launched missiles, not targeting (which could be another sensor to detect (as a task later) for top end aircraft/vehicles). I don't consider the warning as providing any great advantage and does add to the intensity/scare factor.

For some odd reason, Arma 2 has classified Vodnik's (base GAZ_Vodnik_HMG) as "armored" in the class def's. It considers them APC's, probably due to the high capacity of 12 positions.
1 class GAZ_Vodnik_HMG: Wheeled_APC 2 { 3 vehicleClass = "Armored"; 4 }; Even though a HMMWV (including the armoured version: HMMWV_Armored) is classed as a "Car".
1 vehicleClass = "Car";
This odd exception is now handled.

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