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AI sees standing target through Chernarus bush

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I have identified a Chernarus bush that is partially transparent to AI.

AI can see targets standing behind the bush, but cannot see kneeling targets.

Based on the height of the bush to players, it should hide standing units.

The AI will readily shoot through this bush when it sees a person standing behind it.
This is in marked contrast to their reluctance to shoot through all other bushes
when they are fully aware of someone behind them (Such as when a friendly unit is spotting for them).
I recommend checking whether this bush's fire geometry differs from that of other Chernarus and (especially) Utes bushes.

  1. You will be shoot several seconds after it starts unless you quickly kneel.

The other unit is playable.

Chernarus_20Bush.Chernarus.pbo (2.3 kB) maturin, 01/28/2012 20:52

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Please provide a screenshot of the model.

Updated by maturin about 5 years ago

ArmA doesn't have a working screenshot function. When the devs make one, then they can get more useful bug feedback.

Anyways, I accidentally made the mission require ACE. FML. Stand by,

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Try this one.

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