Bug #28137

ACE Wounds System Bug

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Hi guys

Last night we played some Insurgency with ACE on Zargabad.
It was much fun ;D
But, we had some problems with the Wounds system.
It looks like, if a medic heal a Teammate, he won't be healed completly (even with Medi-Kit)
Could be a ACE problem.... (?)
So, maybe you should make it possible, to heal yourself at the Medic Tent next to the MHQ?


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Medic can heal fully near Blufor vehicles and in Medic Mash :D
Try set respawn time to 240sec or Dynamic and you see how vehicle and medic requred for your team, no Rambo mode :D!

Updated by B1n4ry over 5 years ago

okay thx

we had the problem that our Medic was "incompetent" xD

I didnt know that a Medic can heal fully near Blufor vehicle xD

Okay, you can close this one, sry xD

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about new features, just look in changelog list :) or tickets for versions :)

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