Bug #28076

Cannot Alt-Tab

Added by GossamerSolid over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Status:Feedback Start date:01/23/2012
Priority:Normal Due date:02/15/2012
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Affected ArmA II version:1.61 Beta First affected build:88279
Reproduced by another DH user:No First affected ArmA II version:1.61 Beta
I am using some Mods:Yes Single / Multi Player?:Both
I am using:CO (OA+A2) BIForumURL:
Reproducible for you:Yes NGUrl:
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If I attempt to alt-tab out of the game at any point, I see the windows mouse, but the game is still up in the foreground (but it's paused, like it looks frozen). I have to then use the task manager to force minimize it, but if I click anywhere on my screen, it puts me back into the game.

Note: This only started in 88279, just tested 88251 and alt-tabbing functionality works great.


Updated by Fireball over 5 years ago

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Cannot repro.

Updated by ryguy over 5 years ago

For me this only happens on a receiving screen.

Updated by Fireball over 5 years ago

Yes, I remember that, but it always used to happen within the Receiving screen, not only since latest beta.

Updated by GossamerSolid over 5 years ago

For me, if I'm on beta 88279, I just attempt to alt-tab and it happens. Only on beta 88279 and it doesn't happen in any other games (DirectX, OpenGL)

Updated by Fireball over 5 years ago

Related to any mods you load maybe, since you checked the box? Maybe try without?

Updated by Xeno over 5 years ago

No problems here (I have a 560ti too), aka cannot reproduce.
No matter if I start the vanilla game or tons of addons with whatever OA version.
ALT-Tab works like a charm (and much better than in other games).

Updated by messiah over 5 years ago

I can confirm, that this issue happens periodically all the time, at least for me, but I don't know at what circumstances. It is not consistent and I can't imagine how to reproduce. If it happens I just try to alt-tab back and forth several times until it works.

Updated by admin over 5 years ago

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