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MH-60L DAP (Direct Action Penetrator)

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vehicle Suggestion.

US Army variant. Special operations modification of the baseline MH-60L, operated by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.[82] The DAP is equipped with ESSS or ETS stub wings, each capable of carrying a M230 Chain Gun 30 mm automatic cannon, rocket pods, hellfires and various other armaments. M134D miniguns are used as door guns.

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I would kill* to see that included for a variety of reasons.

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interesting DAP version with :

4 pods of x19 2.70 Hydra rockets + 2x30mm gunpods with x5 3.5 rocket under each gunpod.

GAU-19 triple barrel .50cal gatling as doorgun.

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I found an UH60L addon with armed wings, on armaholic : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10581

Also available in: Atom PDF