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User profile error when starting arma 2

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My buddy doesnt know how to fix this, googled it and no answers about this type of error. Provided a screenshot of the error. http://s1163.photobucket.com/albums/q544/RoninWaller/?action=view&current=pASTED.jpg


Updated by Xeno over 5 years ago

Try to delete the specific arma2profile file (the path is in the error message).

Then start the game again. It should create a new profile file (but you have to set up things like key changes again and so on)

Updated by AJackson92 over 5 years ago

He says that he cant do that and looked for the exact file and couldnt find it

cant even enter the game let alone create a new profile

Updated by AJackson92 over 5 years ago

Thank you, sent a message to him including the link. Will return to this issue when he responds

Updated by AJackson92 over 5 years ago


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Sheesh you really should use the forums: http://forums.bistudio.com.

This is no support place.

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