Bug #27866

Gunner view on Mark II PBR

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Target version:CWR² Final Release
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Affected ArmA II version: Language:Please set for missions


Problem description

When the gunner of a Mark II PBR is in iron sight/optic mode (default Numpad 0) the viewpoint of the player does not turn. Problem brought to attention by BIS forum user OMAC. In the linked post [[http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=2088048&postcount=43]] there is a screenshot illustrating the problem.

Problem solution

Ensure that the memory point for the iron sight/optic view is in the correct selections on the model.

Related issues

related to CWR² Community Bugtracker - Bug #62103: Hands of gunner in Mark II PBR Closed 10/29/2012


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