Bug #27808

Some IR Strobes doesnt work

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Close Reason:BIS / Engine problem


1. MS-2000 (ACE_IRStrobe)

It appears in ammobox but when you are taking it, it doesnt show in your gear you can see that the number of MS-2000 is decreasing but it still doesnt show.

2. MS-2000 (IRStrobe)

It appears in ammbox, when taking it its in your gear but you cant turn it on.

3. MS-2000 (IR_Strobe_Marker)

Works fine.

4. VIP IR Strobe (IR_Strobe_Target)

Works fine.

Example mission uploaded.

irstrobe.Desert_E.rar (926 Bytes) matosinec, 01/15/2012 13:34


Updated by rocko over 5 years ago

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No idea when class IRStrobe was introduced. It is not supported.

The only supported IR Strobe classes are:


class ACE_IRStrobe is no longer supported

From the BIS config for the IR Strobe Throw muzzle:

magazines[] = {"IR_Strobe_Marker","IR_Strobe_Target"};

So, use only these.

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