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How does the 'reveal' keyboard action work in detail?

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The 'zoom' button - Right Mouse - doubles as the 'report' or 'reveal' button. If you aim at an enemy unit
and right click, you will report them over the radio to any other members of your squad (this also marks 
the location of said enemy on the map in Cadet mode). Similarly, right clicking on an enemy unit you 
destroyed will broadcast the "TARGET IS HISTORY" radio message. ...

From the BIKI

The conclusion from my testing:

The key action works similar to the scripting command reveal. In other words it can make you aware of an unit/object/vehicle, aka to set KnowsAbout higher than zero.

The questions:
  1. How is the underlying mechanics of it?
  2. Like what is the maximum reveal distance?
  3. How is it influenced by viewDistance, fog, weather etc?
  4. It adds a significant benefit vs not doing it - especially when leading AI as you share the info to your subordinates, right?
  5. How much is the benefit? Aka how much later do you recognize an unit without revealing it?
  6. What is it useful for without AI to command?
  7. Does it also help to locking vehicles earlier/easier/more far?

One idea I can think of is that one could make an info sharing system based on reveal even for players only, similar to BF system.

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