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Multi Barrel Support for Helicopter Turrets

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When you config a turret with a multi-barrel weapon the gunBeg[] and gunEnd[] entries are faulty for Turrets.

Observed behaviour:
When using the gunBeg[] and gunEnd[] arrays in the vehicle config for a turret the RPT says following:

Warning Message: 'gunBeg/' is not a value
Warning Message: 'gunEnd/' is not a value

In the following example I want to use a turret that cannot be moved nor entered by AI for several reasons:

- As it is currently NOT possible to assign more than ONE weapon of one kind, i.e only machineguns or cannons, to a helicopter body (in control of pilot) because they will ALL fire from the memorypoints defined in gunBeg and gunEnd.

weapons[] = { "TwinM134", "M2", "M197" }; // Will always fire from ONE memorypoint though weapon hardpoints are orientated differently

- To bypass this limitation, one can use an invisible secondary turret that holds a second set of weapons that the player can access via "Toggle Manual Fire"

- A third weapon as seen in the first weapons array is not feasible via that workaround


class MyHeli: Helicopter {
 weapons[] = { "TwinM134" }; // Using a double barrel weapon on body 
 magazines[] = { "M134Mag" };
 gunBeg[] = { "muzzle_1","muzzle_2" };
 gunEnd[] = { "chamber_1","chamber_2" }; // This makes the TwinM134 fire from both hardpoints (we see 2 lines of tracers)

 class Turrets: Turrets {
  class MainTurret: MainTurret {
   weapons[] = { "TwinM134" }; // Using a double barrel weapon on turret
   magazines[] = { "M134Mag" };
   gunBeg[] = { "muzzle_1_m134","muzzle_2_m134" };
   gunEnd[] = { "chamber_1_m134","muzzle_2_m134" }; // This does NOT work, we see only ONE line of tracers because the second memory point is not recognized
   // gunBeg = "muzzle_1_m134";
   // gunEnd = "chamber_1_m134"; // These values do work

- gunBeg and gunEnd arrays DO ONLY work for the vehicle body.
- on any turret defined in the config gunBeg and gunEnd expect only a string.

This prevents from using a multi barrelled weapon on a turret to overcome the issue described above about several weapons of the same type on a helicopter body.

It would be very handy to also allow gunBeg and gunEnd arrays work on ANY turret, as of now it is broken or not implemented.

First affected Arma2 version: Since release


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It also seems not to work on fixed wing aircrafts; CWR2 Camel required a modelToWorld function to workaround it.

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It wasn't working ever I think, had such issue in the past

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Did you try memorypointgun[] = {"gun1","gun2"} instead?

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