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ACE glasses set face to custom face

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When one of my friends in multiplayer is using ACE glasses like tactical glasses or gasmask his face becomes custom face. To be exactly the face becomes the face that is set in ace_clientside_config.hpp under #define ACE_CUSTOMFACE. But it would be better if the face stay the one he had set under his ArmA 2 Profile.

In a previous ACE version...long time ago...it had worked the way that if a player had used glasses his face stayed the one he set under his profile.
Hope there is a possibility to get this back. It's very important for multiplayer feeling that not every player have the same face...and also it's easier for acting with team mates to see who of the guys stand in front or beside of you and not to wait till you identify the signs on his nameplate(what I'm talking of is the feature that the name appears if you aiming on someone)


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That never worked and there is currently no way to get around this limitation.
See also: #14545

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