Bug #27687

AH-1Z will not fold with script

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Arma 2 OA: 1.60
ACE Version: OA 1.13 RC5
The AH-1Z (AGM-114 and AGM-114/FFAR desert and regular) will not spawn with the folding script.

_xtype = [this,1] execvm "\ca\air\scripts\AH1Z_fold.sqf"

- Placed both Empty AND occupied AH-1Z in the editor
- Put _xtype = [this,1] execvm "\ca\air\scripts\AH1Z_fold.sqf" in the units init line
- Started mission
- Aircraft spawn without being in folded animation
- Did the previous steps without ACE, saved mission (verifying cobra was in folded animation), saved mission, and reopened it using ACE. The same unit that was folded previously using vanilla was unfolded with ACE

mission.sqm (1.6 kB) islesfan186, 01/10/2012 21:55


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I suspect this is because of no MLODS for AH1Z model from A2, so an older customized model is used.
Not sure if it would be easy to add the fold functionality?

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As Sickboy said, no MLODs.

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