Bug #27658

After Montignac campaign mission will not end

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Affected ArmA II version:1.63 Beta Language:English


Using demo #3, 1.0.6800, After Montignac campaign mission will not end. After player reaches alternate extraction point on hilltop (coords ea64) and gets captured by Russians, he is freed by a resistance attack. At that point, a conversation should occur with resistance leader, and mission should end. Now, no such conversation occurs, and nothing happens other than sporadic attacks by Russian soldiers. Mission (and campaign) must be aborted.

This mission ended normally in Demo #1.




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Tonci87 also needed to use ENDMISSION cheat for this mission, but in a different situation than the one listed here.


The russians arested me at the alternate evac point. The FIA arrived and started to kill the russians. I quckly grabed a rifle and helped them. But even when all russians were dead the mission didn´t end, I had to use ENDMISSION.

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Fixed now (hopefully). We'll provide a fixed campaign pbo once we have fixed some more problems.

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This issue is still present in demo 4. Because of it, campaign is unplayable after this point without ENDMISSION cheat. Please let us know when the campaign pbo has been updated.

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  • Affected ArmA II version changed from 1.60.87580 to 1.63 Beta

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Confirmed fixed in 9/25/12 campaign version. Excellent!

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