Bug #27651

CASEVAC Helicopter crashes on CLAFGHAN

Added by Jedra about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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I am raising this just so it's logged as I am not sure you can do anything about it...

I fixed the CASEVAC flying to 0-0 after pickup by adding the missing 'hospital' marker. However, depending on where you are picked up, the AI piloted Chinook has major problems negotiating those mountains on ClAfghan resulting in a fiery death sometimes (in a small sample of four tests, it was twice).

This is probably just a 'feature' of the map, so I am logging this just so you can maybe make a note of it somewhere!

I am running the latest beta of Arma2OA on both client and server.

Client : 1.60.87816
Server : 1.60.87820

Mods : ACE, Zippers Launcher fix (although it happens with out this mod as well)
Map : mso_70_ace_coop_baf_usa_vs_tak_ins_gue_4-03.clafghan - modified with a 'hospital' marker in the south on the hospital in the GB base.


Updated by Tupolov about 3 years ago

Can you try setting:

RMM_casevac_flyinheight = 2000;

in rmm_casevac\main.sqf

Please test with this if you can to see if it fixes it. If not, probably a BIS AI issue to be honest.

Updated by Jedra about 3 years ago

I'll try with that and get back to you. I suspect you are right though.

Updated by Jedra about 3 years ago

No, no dice with that. Anything smaller than a Chinook seems to cope OK (no crashes over three CASEVACS with a little bird for example). The Chinook crashed 4 out of 4 times this test - it just can't pull up fast enough when it gets to a steep incline. I am going to try and set;

RMM_casevac_speed = "LIMITED";

Maybe that will slow it down enough to get over the hills.

Updated by Tupolov about 3 years ago

I've witnessed this issue with the BAF Merlin too...

Updated by Jedra about 3 years ago

Changing the speed had no effect. The steep hills are just too much for the AI pilots. Not much you guys can do about this other than making the chopper (and crew) allowdamage=false on this map, which would probably look a bit poor and reduce the realism (would be immune to enemy fire).

So, not really asking for a fix unless your superior minds find a way around (literally!) the issue.

Updated by Tupolov about 3 years ago

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