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J.S.R.S "enforcing" module

Added by Ayger over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Yea..seems 'odd' request-but now a fellow player who keeps using the vanilla plop-plop sounds
has significant advantage over me in PvP because he 's not taking "Stress" quantities under fire..while i "live a hell".
If its not very hard..please include a module :)

GiorgyGR aka [HACv]_Arm@gedon


Updated by Ayger over 5 years ago

Sorry if i wasn't clear enough -Engl.is not my native language.
What i meant was i would love to be included in next version a placeable module (under modules)
in editor so the mission maker could "prohibit" the use of mission without JSRS.
Thank you :)

Updated by tonci87 over 5 years ago

Well LJ is a great Sound artist, but I doubt that he knows how to make modules...

Updated by Ayger over 5 years ago

I have made what the guyz in BIforums are suggested.
Anyone else interested about this matter tho?

Updated by tonci87 over 5 years ago

Well I´m sorry to infor you but you seem to be the only one requesting such a module...

Updated by LordJarhead over 5 years ago

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I know what you mean mate! Sure others have not the atmospheric impressive you may have now, but if they dont want to use JSRS, I guess they dont even care much about sounds, so they wouldnt be impressed by whats going on. So these zombies will never feel the way we do while playing this game! Fuck them I say! This mod is for us who care about sounds in the first place. At least, you always can say you are handicaped by this mod :D

So sry, but I have to rejec this! Since noone else would be interested in this.

Updated by LordJarhead over 4 years ago

  • Status changed from Rejected to Closed

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