Bug #27497

Pioneers/Saboteurs AI cant place/ disarm Mines/Satchels etc.

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Like the title says, its not possible to let the AI (Pioneer/Saboteur, all Factions) place his Mines/Satchels per Action-Menu (F2-6-?). The same for the defusing of Mines. No Entry in the Action-Menu. Works fine with vanilla Arma2OA 1.60 (with and without Beta 87622)

See attached file:

Try to let the AI place a Mine/Satchel respectively let the AI defuse the editor placed TM-46

ACE ver.

test_mines.utes.7z (696 Bytes) PitPines, 01/04/2012 16:08


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no response?

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Correct, AI placing mines is not yet supported. Thats something for A3, though as we don't intend to add it to the current release.

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