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Reloading Vulcan Maingun

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i don't know if this is really a bug, but when you shoot the first 2100 bullet clip of the M163 Vulcan maingun, there isn't a short reloading break before using the second clip like it is with the m2 browning gun in the uh-60 or at the m113.

ArmA2CO version: 1.60.87580
CWR2 version: Demo 3


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Sander, you know a lot about this kind of stuff. Do you know what kind of feed system and what ammo load the VADs has? I researched for quite a while but couldn't find anything on if there was multiple linkless drums or what.

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The system has an 1100 round drum for ammunition and capacity to carry another 1000 rounds. Reload time is approximately five minutes.

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Source: The ADA battalion in the heavy division (05-01-1985), page 36/54 [[http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA167817]].

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Hmm, small updates caused the initial reaction to disappear on saving except for the quote.

The current version carries too much ammunition. The total load carried by the M163 Vulcan Air Defence System was 2100 rounds total. Although there would be some space left in the back when loaded according to specs, double the amount of ammunition would not fit in the vehicle and require boxes to be attached to the sides or affixed to the top. Therefore the preferable solution would in my opinion to give a single magazine of 2100 rounds. Unless one wants to attain Steel Beasts Pro levels of authenticity implementing the real amount of ready rounds with the realistic loading times would not be user friendly. Defining magazines with 1100 rounds each (another 100 spare rounds could be fitted in the back, the crew would just have to ditch their camp cots and beer cooler) and a reloading time of about 10 seconds would be an alternative, but might break converted missions. The OFP original had 2000 ready rounds.

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I ditched 1 magazine to bring to total to 1 2100 round mag.

Task accomplished, and closing.

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