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Addings to cwr2ofp

Added by Li0n over 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Hi, first of all, thank you for such great addons. I just want you to add some more items to replace:

OFP class - ArmA2 class

Bradley - M2A2_EP1
Scud - MAZ_543_SCUD_TK_EP1

Iknow that they don`t 100% match originals, but it is way better to see a little different model, than a "Not found" window. Thank you :) I will post updates if I will find more of them.


Updated by Li0n over 4 years ago

Jawa - Old_moto_TK_Civ_EP1
Kolo - Old_bike_TK_CIV_EP1

Updated by Li0n over 4 years ago

M16 - cwr2_30Rnd_556x45_NATO
M21 - cwr2_20Rnd_762x51_NoTracer
LAWLauncher - cwr2_LawRocket
M60 - cwr2_100Rnd_762x51_NATO
M4 - cwr2_30Rnd_556x45_NATO

Updated by W0lle over 4 years ago

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In Demo³ there shouldn't be any more missing vehicles like Scud or Bradley.

There is no need to replace them as we have our own models for them.

Magazines I don't know but they should be included for sure.

Updated by mikero over 4 years ago

This is a list of vehicles NOT in demo3

OFP2CWR(Bradley,    cwr2_M2A2);
     OFP2CWR(Scud , cwr2_scud);
    OFP2CWR(Ch47D, CWR2_CH47D);
    OFP2CWR(jawa, CWR2_jawa);
    OFP2CWR(Cessna, cwr2_cessna);
    OFP2CWR(Rapid, CWR2_RapidW);
    OFP2CWR(RapidY, CWR2_RapidY);
    OFP2CWR(brdm, cwr2_brdm);
    OFP2CWR(OH58, CWR2_OH58);
    OFP2CWR(CarrierW, cwr2_CarrierW);
    OFP2CWR(BoatE, CWR2_BoatE);
      OFP2CWR(GJeep, cwr2_Jeep_FIA);
    OFP2CWR(JeepMG, cwr2_JeepMG);
    class GeneralCamo:cwr2_Guba{PROTECTED;};

as for MAGAZINES the general answer will be: sorry, no cigar. The in game ui 'gear panel' is shoddy and collapses if you have same-name magazine AND weapon. This wasn't an issue in ofp, but arma get's it's knickers in a twist. So, as a general answer, ofp magazines cannot be used 'as is'. We may, or may not develop our own ui panel to get over this, but, ummmm,,,,, don't hold your breath. <grin>

Updated by mikero over 3 years ago

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cwr2ofp was updated post demo4 for the anticipated inclusions of beta 5.

if any are still missing, it will need another 'issue' ticket

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