Bug #27358

CWR2 Rescuepilot: Wrong debriefing text and no mission completion marker

Added by OMAC about 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Affected ArmA II version:1.60.87580 Language:English


Version Demo 3 (1.00.6800).

1) In Nogova SP scenario Rescuepilot, debriefing text is wrong in that references are made to A2 Razor Team (screenshot). However, correct text ("End of shift. Many lives were saved.") is also shown. A2 debriefing text should be removed.

2) After mission completion, no green completion marker is shown on scenario list. doneKeys and activeateKey statements are needed.

arma2oa_2011_12_25_14_16_56_290.jpg (182.6 kB) OMAC, 12/25/2011 21:37


Updated by Sander about 4 years ago

Debriefing error is reproducible

Completing the mission successfully adds the debriefing text for a default Arma2 campaign mission.

Problem Solution

Completing the mission gave exactly the same result as on the screen shot. Briefing.html was apparently adapted from the file in the folder C1_IntoTheStorm.Chernarus. Remove the line '<localized id="briefing.html_1_0"/>'.

The description.ext file requires the addition of a doneKeys statement, for example:

doneKeys[] = {"cwr2_sp_rescuepilot_key"};

In the mission folder add a line to returnToBase2.sqf before the line 'endmission "end1";' to activate the key:

activateKey "cwr2_sp_rescuepilot_key";

Updated by OMAC about 4 years ago

Possibly the Ground Strike mission also needs code for the completion marker (I have not tested that mission).


Updated by W0lle about 4 years ago

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Updated by OMAC about 4 years ago

Just a reminder that the Cobra Assault SP scenario also needs a completed marker (doneKeys/activeatekey).



Updated by OMAC about 4 years ago

Updated by W0lle over 3 years ago

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I'm closing this since "Rescue Pilot" was made by Mondkalb who obviously has no interest in fixing his work he did for us.

With my limited time these days I can't be bothered to analyze his mission and trying to fix it. Shame but blame Mondkalb for that. :-)

The mission won't be included in the final release. Please feel free to remove it from your Missions folder.

Updated by OMAC over 3 years ago

W0lle wrote:

The mission won't be included in the final release.

Sorry to hear this.

Please feel free to remove it from your Missions folder.

Will do.

Updated by OMAC over 3 years ago

It is a shame to throw away this nice mission just because of some silly minor issues with the debriefing.html and the donekeys. I think I could fix this mission in about 15 minutes, assuming that no other issues are present other than the ones I uncovered. Let me know if you'd like me to attempt a fix.

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