Bug #27337

Multiplayer respawning not working after dying whilst in a vehicle

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Target version:1.13
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I'm having a problem in multiplayer whereby if I die whilst in any vehicle (regardless of whether I crash, get shot by someone else etc), I am unable to respawn into a different unit. I simply stay as the dead unit, with the screen focused on me in my vehicle. However if I die whilst on foot (i.e. not in a vehicle), I can respawn fine and the respawn dialogue box pops up to prompt me.

I have narrowed this down to something in the @ACE mod folder - it only happens when that mod is active. I can run @CBA and a ton of other mods (JSRS version 1.4, Blastcore, SLX etc) and respawning after dying in a vehicle works okay.

This could be a significant issue so if anyone can test to see if they can reproduce it would be a big help.

I am using Respawn = 5 in the Description.ext.

FYI I can confirm I'm using @ACE v522.

Test mission added to ticket. If I die whilst on foot I get the respawn popup. If I get in the Hind, take off, and then crash into the ground, I get stuck staring at the destroyed vehicle and cannot perform any action whatsoever (no popup box), forcing me to quit.

Test2.utes.pbo (2.3 kB) Munger, 12/24/2011 19:58

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~FIXED: Teamswitch dialog was closed when a player died in a vehicle, fixes #27337


Updated by Munger over 5 years ago

Note: please run the test mission in a multiplayer game. You do not need any other players to be present - just host your own MP game and join it as the only player - the issue will occur (for me at least).

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Available on Six Updater Network as hotfix, please run Verify and Repair on the ACE Preset (@ACE, @ACEX, @ACEX_USNavy are updated).
Might appear in a ACE 1.13.1 updated stable package early coming week.

Updated by Sickboy over 5 years ago

  • Target version changed from 1.14 to 1.13

Available in the latest ACE 1.13 Stable hotfix2 packages http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/ACE_1_13.
(Besides already available on Six Updater hotfixes).

Also available in: Atom PDF