Bug #27166

GrenadeHandTimedWest references fault file/p3d has bad name

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Category:Error Message
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CPU: Affected TOH version:1.04 BETA
I am using some Mods:No First affected TOH version:1.00.84995
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The file name is misspelled as "M67_H].p3d" in the file system and can't be found by the game.

When adding a "handgrenade_west", e.g. by using addmagazine there's an
Error Message:

Cannot open object hsim\weapons_h\m67_h.p3d

and the model of the thrown handgrenade is not visible.

no error message

(temporary) Fix:

class CfgAmmo
    //ToH fixes
    class GrenadeHand;
    class GrenadeHandTimedWest: GrenadeHand
        model = "\HSim\Weapons_H\M67_H].p3d";
//        model = "\HSim\Weapons_H\M67_H.p3d";

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