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Mouse acceleration

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Mouse control of all the characters and armor in ARMA 2 has three features:
1) Different mouse speed in X and Y
2) The acceleration of the mouse
3) The negative mouse acceleration

Negative mouse acceleration is not a problem, it is likely to simulate the weight of arms.
But the first and second feature disturbs me and other players as it is not a simulation of something, but strongly interferes with normal aim and has no relation to real life. I believe that the speed of the mouse should be the same for the same values ​​in the settings of the game and the players themselves will change these values ​​for yourself if this is who it will be necessary. I would like to do the same mouse speed in X and Y, but this is not possible in the game. Also, I would very much like to get rid of a hated me mouse acceleration. Players should have the choice to use the mouse acceleration or not. In this situation, it looks like forcing players. Here the video demonstrates how strong the mouse acceleration in ARMA 2 for example, 3D editor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWRFT90l_KA
I did not make a video with the character because they do not get it to turn quickly, because it includes the negative acceleration. But it also acts on the character. Character control as a result of very unstable. I, like many other players want to be able to disable the mouse acceleration, I would like to have a choice.

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a) What did you set mouse smoothing to?
b) What did you set mouse acceleration to (x/y)?
c) Did you make sure to disable mouse acceleration in windows/mouse drivers?

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Thanks for the answer.

1) Smooth mouse off in the configuration file
2) When setting in the configuration file on the axis X (0.31) and the axis Y (0.31) mouse speed in the game is different on these axes. Mouse on the X axis moves faster than about 1.5 times than the Y-axis
3) I am completely turned off mouse acceleration in Windows with the aid of "The MarkC Windows 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix".

Unfortunately, setting mouse acceleration, as well as the change in speed of the mouse in Windows do not change in ARMA 2. The acceleration of the mouse and the mouse speed can be adjusted only in the game, and in the configuration file, but the game is not possible to disable mouse acceleration, only the speed of the mouse, i tried to use four types of mouse, Razer DeathAdder, Microsoft 1.1, an old Logitech, Microsoft Wireless 5000.
Try the mouse at a distance of 20 cm twice, first very slowly (remember the Number of revolutions around the axis), the second time at normal speed. The number of revolutions will be different, is not it? This is a problem, a different number of turns in the game at the same distance traveled by the mouse.

Here the video which I took the mouse to the left, right, left, right ... In the left slowly, and right at a normal rate (at the same distance), then the character is starting to turn right, this means acceleration.


When I move my mouse to the starting position, playing a character must return to the starting position the same way. The coordinate system in the game does not match the coordinate system of the mouse.

I am unable to disable it, it is highly upsetting.

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I made some graphs showing how the mouse works in ARMA2 (Mouse is working this way with a camera inside the game world. Cursor in the main menu does not have anything to do with it) :
1) Free camera control in 3D editor (no negative acceleration)

2) Control the game character (mouse acceleration + negative acceleration)

Control the game character with no mouse acceleration (which I ask the developers). Such control was in Battlefield 3 to the most recent patch.

And so is the graph in any FPS game, this is the most convenient control character is subject to perfect. Such control in Battlefield 3 after the last patch, this is due to bad reviews of 2000 players (they do not like even negative acceleration). Now the mouse in Battlefield 3 is as follows (off acceleration and negative acceleration)

To make it clear what is meant here a simple picture:

There are no people who like mouse acceleration, there are people who are used to it because of the lack of options.

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  • Operating system set to Win7 64 bit
  • Graphics card set to gtx 590
  • Graphics card driver version set to 290.36
  • CPU set to i7 950
  • Mainboard chipset set to ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
  • Audio card set to Asus Xonar D2
  • I am using set to CO (OA+A2)
  • Single / Multi Player? set to Both

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sorry missed your response. great input!

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Thank you! This question is really important for the players.
Some players complain about the inconvenient control character. Then they get used to it, but after playing another FPS again they disappointed with the control character in Arma.

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