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new commands: sunrise, sunset

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How about two commands that return the time the sun rises/sets at the given date (on the current island/map), which would be most useful to customize/plan missions (choosing a start-time; suprise attack at dawn this time? Yeah!).
Besides the moonphase, this would be the last missing piece to offer a complete and reliable weather/forecast report. :)

Syntax: 1) sunrise <date>; 2) sunset <date>,
where <date> is an array as returned by the date-command or simply an array [year, month, day].

Returns: an array [hours, minutes, seconds] or even [hours, minutes, seconds]
or an empty array if the sun doesn't rise/set at the given date.

fn_sun.sqf - somewhat, a little bit correct... :/ (3.7 kB) ruebe, 12/08/2011 20:05

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Updated by ruebe over 5 years ago

Attached fn_sun.sqf, which is an attempt to calculate this.
Though it doesn't seem to be "spot on". :/

Feel free to use this in the meantime. Any suggestions are welcome of course, though I really think the "engine" should give us an answer to these question, rather than coming up with functions that almost match, what the "engine" already does...

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Good idea. Something I was searching for recently with my nvg script.

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