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New script command: moonphase

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The problem: We all know by now that the ingame moonphase is screwed up (see [1]); i.e. the ingame moonphase does not correlate with the real world moonphase. That's why we're out of luck to port one of the known moonphase algorithms.

Use cases or why it's important: While there are many possible uses for this little command, I'll mention one example: customization of any missions startdate/-time: when do you wanna launch that assault? At night? What night? What equipment will be needed?

In conclusion: the moonphase is an important piece of strategic information to plan missions.

Btw. there is another ticket by Rommel (see [2]) for an editor moonphase indicator. While that would be nice too, I think such a scripting command would be enough already, while this should not take too much effort to implement (as compared to changing the editors UI).

Syntax: moonphase <date>,
where <date> is a `date`-array as returned by the command date or at least [year, month, day] (only date, without time).
There could be an alternative syntax without <date>-argument, defaulting to ingame-today, as returned by the date-command.

Returns: a value from 0 (new moon) to 0.5 (full moon) to 0.999* (new moon)

Alternative solution: Show us how to write a function that calculates the erroneous moonphase (or add such a function to the BIS_fnc collection). I'm afraid I don't understand what's mentioned at [1], and it's probably impossible anyway to recreate that exact same error with one of the "cheating" algorithms, that are only valid for the 20th and 21th century.

Final remark: Just fix it at some point. Why not for ArmA3? ;)

[1]: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Operation_Flashpoint:_FAQ:_Mission_Editing#Formulas_used_in_OFP_for_tide_levels_and_sun_and_moon_positions.
[2]: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/13924

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