Bug #26916

[HR] Bitter Chill mission [Multiplayer] Task: Reach CDF lines objective refuses to complete with human controlled Rodriguez

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Status:Closed Start date:12/08/2011
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Target version:1.11.86734
Affected ArmA II version:1.60 RC First affected build:1.55.75445
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  1. Start Bitter Chill in Multiplayer with another human player playing Rodriguez.
  2. Go to CDF lines southwest
  1. You will hear a lot of dialog and see a lot of subtitles and after discussion ends mission should end and fade away to Debriefing screen.
  2. The host player can move after dialog stops, but Rodriguez cannot move.
  3. Mission will objective is not completed and mission will not end.

Mission should end normally even when human player playing Rodriguez.


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Tested with 1.60.87580 (final)
Hanzu playing Cooper
zGuba playing Rodriguez

Had little huge syncronization problems for zGuba whose character weirdly started in Novy Sobor with FPS drop during dialogs like waituntil was executed.

In some earlier patch I completed this mission with Lofty playing Sykes character and we arrived CDF lines by vehicle. Lofty said his view was inside the vehicle during the whole end scene. So something with client players not able to see the actual end scene animation has been wrong for a long time.

But the most important thing is that Reach CDF lines objective now completes with human controlled Rodriguez.

Thank you Jezuro, Dwarden and other BIS employees involved!

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