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Make SSAO (and other) effects independent

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At least through .cfg - like being able to turn it on (with setting the quality like with FXAA) and off independently of other effects which I (and maybe enough of other community members :> ) don't like - like I don't want to have bloom and blur/DOF while having SSAO

Maybe it's a good idea to actually make all those shader effects tweakable through .cfg like that since it will add flexibility instead of all-at-once-or-none-at-all which also eats quite a lot of FPS

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Devs: It's been 3 years guys!

TL;DR please add shader control variables for shaders in arma2.cfg similar to how the new shader additions are controlled.

Lately many options for shaders have been added to arma2.cfg, similar to as was suggested 2+ years ago by many people, in top voted tickets and forum threads, to address the individual blur and bloom shaders. The complaints started as soon as the game came out and added the smear when you turn feature. It was addressed by top devs a few times but nothing was ever done about it, a whole expansion later, new game almost out, still here we are.

The only thing that was done once was the addition of a 'very low' PP gui setting, which didn't address the issue, since most enjoy the higher shaders. Very low turns most of them off.

You don't have to make GUI options, anything is better than nothing. Hell we the community can make a little graphic tweaker app for the cfg if one doesn't already exist. But PLEASE, the level of shader control is far too course, and remains so after many requests. The RV engines current shader loading programming is not ideal for community shader modifications either. (config.bin required)

Also related to https://dev-heaven.net/issues/24891

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Here you can see how much difference SSAO effect makes.

It improves visuals a lot.

Is it really that hard getting rid of bloom, blur and DOF (which are not realistic looking at all) and leaving only ambient occlusion option, BIS?

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