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Can unit's vertical hand weapon aim, leaning, headturn and greande throw be captured adn reproduced globally?

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Guys, I know it's not really an ACE topic, but I know no other team experienced to that extend. So, please, share any thoughts you can.

For AAR purposes I'm seeking the way to capture aiming and the extended animations like head turn and leaning, which, in case when not reproduced during playback can lead to silly situations.
I'm also stuck at reproducing grenade throws and other mines setup.

So basically I need to be able to get\capture and set\reproduce by script commands globally:
  1. head movement (ALT look)
  2. aim\cursor vertical movement
  3. leaning (Q E leaning)
  4. explosives and grenade throws

Is it at all possible? May be some tricks or workarounds. Now I plan to capture cursortarget and turn bot's aims using doTarget... But may be there's more natural way?
Vertical movement aim is a mystery to me as well as leaning, which seems like a linear model transformation and thus can't be captured as an animation and cannot be played back.
Explosive reproduction seems a bit easier. At least I can guess that I ned to monitor certain object classes on in the mission. When they appear, I catch it's class and easily reproduce... may be even with proper explosion. But grenade throws are too strange :) My sunit currently is not switching to Throw, plays throwing animation as holding the fun in left hand and arcing with the right one... but when the grenade leaves the hand his rifle in his hands fires instead. Looks silly.

Any ideas or thoughts welcome.


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Seems I scared everyone off this ticket :(

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I like your AAR idea but dunno how i could help ya

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I suggest posting this at the CIT or emailling some BI official with that kind of details.

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