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escaped characted arma2OA linux server

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I wish my Arma2 Operation Arrowhead server to be an ACE server so I need to add a mod line to the startupscript. It does not seems like ACE is loaded on the server, since when starting the ACE training mission or other ACE mission, I get all these “Missing addons detected:” errors. I even get these “Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/T34.turnCoef'.” which many get on Arma2 1.59 Linux dedicated servers. Which I think is related to the escape character issue. Unfortunately I have forgotten which character that should be escaped.

I have searched around the internet, but I can't find any answer, since I want my addons to be in a sub-directory called x which lies under arma2OA root (no capitalized characters in the folder path). So in linux cli the ACE goes under x/@ace. Most people seems to put their addons in the (game) root folder, so they don't need the forward slash.

Some says that it is the semicolon that should be escaped, and some says it should be an escaped backslash all the way. So question is, which character should be escaped in the arma2oaserver linux startup script?

This is how now my arma2oaserver looks now from line 12 to 19, plus the line which starts the server, but I think I have tried to escape all the characters (fslash, bslash, semicolon and the @). Here the fslash en semicolon is escaped, all in a single quote.


${SERVER} >>${LOGFILE} 2>&1 -server -config=${CONFIG} -port=${PORT} -pid=${PIDFILE} ${OTHERPARAMS} -mod=${MOD}


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Updated by wingthor over 5 years ago

Figured out this my self. Downloaded stable A.C.E.-OA release from Armaholic. The escape character is of course the one that no one else uses "fslash (/). The line goes like this "'x\/@cba;x\/@ace;x\/@acex;x\/@acex_sm;x\/@acex_ru;x\/@acex_usnavy'". At least it seems to work for now. Gives a feedback if not.


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You're supposed to put the modfolders directly in the game folder, so you dont need that \/ mumbo jumbo.

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Sickboy wrote:

You're supposed to put the modfolders directly in the game folder, so you dont need that \/ mumbo jumbo.

I wan't to put my mods in a subfolder, obviously. The link you provided seems to be the mod line for a windows server. I have Linux. I don't understand why this is so difficulty, I did it with Arma2 server.


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