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Auto report can not be disabled

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The automatic reporting does not turn off even when expert level is selected.

When we play on a dedicated server our human controlled players (usually the group leader) keep on reporting whatever they see over the radio ("UNKNOWN HELICOPTER", etc).

In difficulty settings, the Auto Report should be disabled by default on expert level, but it just seems to be enabled always. We've tried this on several co-op missions.

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Updated by kju almost 8 years ago

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Was this the same or different in A1/OFP?

Updated by osmo almost 8 years ago

This seems to be different, as in A1 it only happened to me when I right-clicked on an enemy and had the "reveal target" button still set to right mouse button from key configuration. This issue, however, happens just by looking around and not pressing anything (I have also disabled the key for reveal target so it could not be caused by that).

Here's an example. We start a co-op mission in which we have empty helicopters near me. I hear (and everyone else hears) immediately my soldier reporting "UNKNOWN HELICOPTER...". Then if I turn my head to the right where some vehicles have been placed, my soldier reports "UNKNOWN VEHICLE...", etc. Sometimes multiple reports after each other of different objects my soldier sees. These messages can be seen in text and heard in radio.

Someone told me in the Bohemia Interactive Forum that this is caused by something called "Auto report" which can be enabled and disabled from the game options difficulty settings. I personally have expert level selected and everything disabled. I also noticed that on expert level this "Auto report" can not even be enabled.

On a dedicated server, I believe the difficulty settings are set for everyone by the server's config and selected level in the mission selection screen. However, we have been playing the game on "Expert" level, which means that Auto report setting should automatically be disabled. If these radio/text reports that our human-controlled players are saying in our multiplayer sessions are really this "Auto report", then there must be some bug/error which causes these auto reports to be enabled even if the expert level has been selected.

Updated by osmo almost 8 years ago

Here is a screenshot of one of those reports. It happens completely automatically and has text + radio report. Very annoying and kills the realism & atmosphere.

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Old ticket but what the heck... Having disabled autoreport on server, there is a great improvement in battle on what is being reported - pretty much nothing except those who reports via reveal functionality. The reports seems to be coming in just after mission join (and respawn?) and are afaik always of the "unknown" type.

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Can we please get exact repro steps on this one (server config with correct settings as well),
and a simple demo mission.

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