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Accurate Representation of Wounds and Blood

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In A2 wounds are represented very inaccurately and usually don't represent the actual injuries suffered by a character.
I think that it would be well worth bis time to make:

wounds on characters are shown in the correct position. where you shoot someone is where the wound appears.

different types of wounds depedning on the weapon used ie. explosions causing burns and lacerations, small arms fire causing small bullet wounds and heavy weapons/ cannons making huge horriffic wounds.

blood effects upon impact - it needs to look more realistic - more of a fine mist rather than the big red flame that erupts from people when they are shot. it should also be toned down but should increase in size and intensity depending on the damage dealt. Ie. a m16 shot into someones foot would cause no visible blood upon impact whereas a m108 shot to the head would cause a considerable amount of blood.

blood trails - I think it has been confirmed that these will be included in a3 (correct me if I'm wrong) but please make them look a bit more realistic than ace. ie. lots of smaller blood drops that fall at a faster rate rather than one huge blod blotch every 3 seconds or so.

In my opinion they all would add to immersion and realism. Of course blood trails also has in game uses for tracking. I think that wounds that are placed in the correct location and with the correct size would also help medics and what not. If you come up to a guy to give him first aid and he has a huge hole in his belly, or a gunshot wound to the head you can assume he is dead and move on.


Updated by Mikhail over 5 years ago

Among all the great ideas in this feature description I'd point out that even showing wounds exactly at the point of bullet impact on the body would be immensly realistic and already efficient. I undestand this will involve a lot of syncing, but it worths it.

When in heavy firefights soldiers are able to detect enemy fire direction by hearing the shots and seeing bullet impact signs, scratches, ricochets etc. In Arma we are only bound to hear it. All visual bullet hits are telling nothing about the angle at which the projectile contcted the surface, body or material (except one case when bullet hits something after penetrating through some weak material). So we are deprived of one huge factor of immersion.

Let's say you go in formation. You see a soldier in fron of you. Then he is shot and you watched it. In real life you will feel and see the impact. But in arma you only can get lucky to see some blood cloud from relevant direction. But if you blinked - the dead body wounds won't tell you anything about the shot. Youre likely to see some general wounds, as if the soldier was attacked by a mad tiger.

We have enough bullet signs on the walls and surfaces. The black dots are enough... Could be better if they change shape to be more elliptical when hit from an angle. Visual damage must have exactly the same system. I can propose some kind of "damage layer texture" to contain some gore or blood. When Bullet hits body - this texture is revealed on precisely this very point. If shot from an angle, more texture is revealed to the direction of bullet passing. If bullet wen through body, then body must have an exit wound from relevant side.

I hope you get the idea.

Updated by Magician over 5 years ago

it happen
because they use physc x
other games use this technology as Skyrim
and anyone who has used the bow and arrow know what I mean
About the blood,and gore I think this is the weak point of this technology, as implemented at BIS
I do not know do..but not forget textures charred and burned!

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